National Park project update

So the project is barely moving. I’m having an extremely difficult time with creating logo, identities, icons, whatever you wanna call it. Simplifying things is just not my talent. But anyway, still on square one, sketching while others moving on to square 3. *sad sigh* BUT it’s ok. Cuz after talking to Seth yesterday, he said I’m doing alright for someone who’s never designed an icon before. And I haven’t. He asked if I was graduating soon, and I said I got TWO YEARS left! ugh. So I guess I don’t TRULY SUCK at this. dunno. but still back to the drawing board. Haven’t really learned much but I’m sure by the end of this project, I’ll learn TONS. Or so I hope.

I’m just ready to get some ideas flowing and create something GOOD. Signs and symbols are my weaknesses, so I really wanna strengthen it. I wanna be able to say I’m “alright” or “decent” at it, instead of sayin, “oh no, I suck at it!” … haha. we’ll all see.


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