Question of the Week about LOGOS

First of all, the reason why I failed to blog yesterday was because a tragedy happened. My MacBookPro CRASHED! No joke. I just finished answering the question of the week, was gonna attach some photos, and it froze on me for about 15 minutes so I decided to “force shut down” and when I turned it back on, it had a folder with a question mark on it. ugh. failed. so failed. I lost so much data, it still hurts.

ANYWAY, Question of the Week:

Reiterate the difference between designing an icon and an identity or logo. How does this affect your design process? What more are you forced to think about as you generate your concepts?

Designing an icon is simplifying and finding an image that anyone in the world will be able to recognize, like an arrow or a woman or a building. But designing a logo/identity is specifically just for a company. Things to consider are the company’s history. The logo should speak for the company and what it’s about. I’m forced to think about what the company is trying to present and all about. It’s really hard because it’s better to “simplify” but a company, like a person, is about more than just one image, so I tend to over-do it. Simplifying things and abstracting it is really hard for me so we’ll see.


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