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April 29, 2010

denali tickets FINAL

My only concern as of right now is my map, since I’ve yet to even start on it. I’m dedicating 75% of tomorrow to finish Sign/Symbol and the other 25% to Adv. Typography.

These are my admission for camping ground and cabins for my park. I really like the “cut out” effect. It simplifies my image, turning it into a graphic element, but still keeps everything simple.  The big type is starting to look better and better. Overall, I’m really please with it.

Park Elements

Here are my icons for my park. I struggled a lot with all of them, but I’m glad they turn out pretty awesome.

For my inspiration, I used nature pictures from Denali to work with and pictures of common tickets and park designs.



April 21, 2010

been so behind. adv. type is really pushing everything back. I’m still struggling with my logo and my icons still need lots of tweaking.

I’m getting there tho. slowly. which is really nerve-wracking since the deadline is in a few weeks.  I still got an ad, 3d item, tickets, and a map to do. I’m not so stressed about those because it shouldn’t be too bad. The only bad one right now is the map because I know that’ll take a while. I’ve just been looking at some branding items, maps of parks, and some tickets for events and it’s really helping make things feel a lot easier.

my only concern is finishing it all up before the deadline and be able to produce and awesome book from it.

National Park project update

April 7, 2010

So the project is barely moving. I’m having an extremely difficult time with creating logo, identities, icons, whatever you wanna call it. Simplifying things is just not my talent. But anyway, still on square one, sketching while others moving on to square 3. *sad sigh* BUT it’s ok. Cuz after talking to Seth yesterday, he said I’m doing alright for someone who’s never designed an icon before. And I haven’t. He asked if I was graduating soon, and I said I got TWO YEARS left! ugh. So I guess I don’t TRULY SUCK at this. dunno. but still back to the drawing board. Haven’t really learned much but I’m sure by the end of this project, I’ll learn TONS. Or so I hope.

I’m just ready to get some ideas flowing and create something GOOD. Signs and symbols are my weaknesses, so I really wanna strengthen it. I wanna be able to say I’m “alright” or “decent” at it, instead of sayin, “oh no, I suck at it!” … haha. we’ll all see.

Question of the Week about LOGOS

April 2, 2010

First of all, the reason why I failed to blog yesterday was because a tragedy happened. My MacBookPro CRASHED! No joke. I just finished answering the question of the week, was gonna attach some photos, and it froze on me for about 15 minutes so I decided to “force shut down” and when I turned it back on, it had a folder with a question mark on it. ugh. failed. so failed. I lost so much data, it still hurts.

ANYWAY, Question of the Week:

Reiterate the difference between designing an icon and an identity or logo. How does this affect your design process? What more are you forced to think about as you generate your concepts?

Designing an icon is simplifying and finding an image that anyone in the world will be able to recognize, like an arrow or a woman or a building. But designing a logo/identity is specifically just for a company. Things to consider are the company’s history. The logo should speak for the company and what it’s about. I’m forced to think about what the company is trying to present and all about. It’s really hard because it’s better to “simplify” but a company, like a person, is about more than just one image, so I tend to over-do it. Simplifying things and abstracting it is really hard for me so we’ll see.