so let’s recap the “fruit” project. to me, disastrous!

Very hard for me to think 3-D like, so I went the origami way. The first try was decent, second try turned out great, third try was ok, and fourth try was disastrous!

Paper I got from Clampitt was amazing, but for the outside layer was folded using very touch cover paper so there were many complications with it.

I’m sure the question is, what did I learn from this. …. well, honestly, aside from simplifying a shape, I didn’t learn a whole lot.

As much as I “hated” the bird project, I did get something out of it, but this one … eh. not really. I TRULY hated this project and didn’t feel like it was necessary at all. *sigh* … all is left to say is I’m praying I didn’t get an “F” on it cuz I did put tremendous effort into creating it.


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