about 5.7 hours late … eek!

Question: What makes a successful icon? How have the exercises in Stage 2 through 6 affected your outlook on how your icon is functioning?

simplicity, with an edge of uniqueness. umm, after TRYING and TRYING and TRYING to make a successful icon, I realize that it’s NOT easy. heck, I rather do illustrations that icons. Honestly, I don’t have a long-enough attention span to focus on ONE item for hours, trying to simplify it and abstract it, yet make it unique and readable. Drove me CRAZY! … ANYWAY, the exercises 2-6 gave my “bird” more appearances (of course) and made it more fun.

Progress on it definitely can be improve, in terms of composition, and after finding out that colors can be added, I’m about to have some fun with this bird. So we’ll see …


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