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“Bird” work in progress…

January 28, 2010

Sketching birds is HARDER than I think.

I’m not quite sure if I’m doing well or not on this project … trying to simplify birds is a lot harder than I think and I’m NOT a good illustrator.  Looking through many symbols and icons, birds has been simplified in bajillion ways.  Looking at illustrations of birds helped me more.  It’s quite a challenge to make a simplify bird look interesting.  Here are some sketches of mine…

I’m doing my best to quickly learn Illustrator…because it’s due soon and I don’t have any of my birds in Illustrator done. eeek!



January 28, 2010
I researched many images of birds, from real birds to illustrations to silhouettes.
I try to see how simple a bird can be transform from organic to an icon and it’s very challenging.
I mainly use and for inspirational images. Amazing sites!
I even watched an amazing video of birds by Andrew Zuckerman on Vimeo to get an idea about movements.

sign & SYMBOL

January 20, 2010